Education offers co-operation opportunities to Kenya and Greece

During her stay in Nairobi, the Hon. Consul of Kenya in Greece, Mrs. Vicky Pantazopoulou, had a long and fruitful discussion with Mrs. Dorcas B. Otieno, , OGW, a University of Nairobi Professor. Prof. Otieno is also founder and Chairperson of «Kenya Organization for Environmental Education», a NGO member of the international organization «Foundation for Environmental Education» (FEE), as well as member of various national and international committees.

The two parts discussed mainly the possibility to start co-operations on environmental protection, environmental education, student and teachers exchanges, as well as ways of litter disposal management compatible to sustainable development. For such activities the Hon. Consulate of Kenya in Greece co-operates with the “Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature”, a NGO responsible in Greece for FEE’s educational programmes and for the international eco-labels of “Blue Flag” and “Green Key”.

The MoU signed the year before between the University of Nairobi and the National Technical University of Athens gives a lot of impetus to the co-operation of the two countries on educational issues.