“Ask the Flask” Exhibition in “TECHNOHOROS” Art Gallery

The "Ask the Flask" Exhibition will be held at “TECHNOHOROS” Art Gallery from 9th of September 2014 to 13th of September 2014.

The exhibition is encompassed in the activities of the “World Water Museum” installation* by the artist Keti Haliori, which the gallery supports by having already contributed in four events from 2011 till today.

The exhibition, which will last until Saturday, September 13, will display the works and the digital material of the homonymous international web Workshop "Ask the flask", which had as central theme the water scarcity. The Workshop was held between students from primary, secondary and higher education, from October 2013 to March 2014, with the participation of groups from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Greece (5), Iraq, Kenya (2) and United Kingdom (2).

The artists who collaborated on the realization of "Ask the flask" will participate with their water projects: Eugene Ankomah, Lorraine Beaulieu, Despina Economopoulou, Dimitra Siaterli, Katerina Fanouraki.

It is important to be mentioned that three of the six artists will come from abroad where they live and work exclusively for the five days that the exhibition will last.

Keti Haliori is the curator of the workshop and the exhibition.

*The "World Water Museum" installation by Keti Haliori aims to alert people on the challenges of clear, potable water on the planet. It approaches super realistically the vast environmental problem, by presenting water as a "museum item". The installation is constructed gradually through the participations of the volunteers who send samples from rivers and lakes. The samples are chemically analysed, therefore to each one a special identity is assigned, and afterwards they are safely kept in laboratory vials. A portion of 100 ml from each sample is mixed with portions of all the others, in a separate vessel, to symbolically increase the "Earth‘s water" level. The development and evolution of the project will be updated regularly on the website www.worlwatermuseum.com  so that both participants and those who are interested in the project can be informed. The World water Museum Installation, aiming to promote the public awareness, organizes in parallel shows, performances and other events.