Kenyan delegation attending International Fishing Capacity Conference in Thessaloniki

Prof. Micheni Japhet Ntiba and Mrs. Susan Imende visited Acropolis

Prof. Micheni Ntiba, Principal Secretary for State Department of Fisheries and Mrs. Susan Imende, Deputy Director of Fisheries have been officialy invited by the European Commission to attend the International Fishing Capacity Conference that is taking place in Thessaloniki (13-14 March). 

The Conference "Global Fishing Capacity - Less is more" is being attended by high level representatives from third country governments, Regional Fisheries Management Organisations, EU Member States, as well as Members of the European Parliament and stakeholders.

The Kenyan delegation, before switching to Thessaloniki, visited Athens where they had a warm welcome by the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kenya in the Hellenic Republic, Mrs. Vicky Pantazopoulou.

During their visit in Athens they also visited Acropolis and other sites.